Leading Nutraceutical Companies: What Makes Them Leaders

Looking for leading nutraceutical companies that can help grow your business fast? Want feature rich special formulas to reap huge profits? As a full service supplement and liquid-vitamin manufacturer we can help you achieve your business goals. We promise a range of supplement brands, liquid nutraceuticals, wholesale supplements, dog vitamins, wholesale supplements and more. Using our large production capacity, you can easily cater to your growing customer requirements without worrying about inventory. Just order all that you need, without any need to invest too much in inventory.

Choose The Best of the Leading Nutraceutical Companies

We’re one of the leading nutraceutical companies and have been in supplement business for over 20 years and have been recognized as a leading nutraceutical companies in the United States. We understand current marketing trends and can easily guide you in making a promising start that will help you achieve success within a short time. If you want to join hands with a reliable contract manufacturer of private label supplement brands, we’re there to help you in all possible ways to get started! Though our company specialized in private label vitamins and supplements, we’re much more than mere private label vitamin manufacturer. So you can trust us when you need private label supplement supplies at a short notice anytime throughout the year. In fact, we can also supply private label energy shots. The variety we offer is large and we can quickly ship throughout the US.

No Minimum Order Requirement!

We can not only be your one-stop resource for a variety of private label supplements but also offer you supplies with no minimum order requirement. As one of the leading nutraceutical companies, we are here to help you achieve your dreams. We also follow all regulations and procedures required in production. The consumption of supplements and vitamins is on rising due to the increasing awareness among masses about the benefits of specially formulated health supplements. Therefore, your business is bound to grow fast leading to higher profits. We can also help you in developing your brand for all top trending supplements. Our manufacturing unites are certified facilities that observe highest possible standards of production.

Our Private Label Program

Our private label program means you can go ahead and market our products under your brand. For small orders, you can use our in-house formulas. The market for private label vitamins and supplements continue to rise and our private label program can help you start and grow your own brand without spending too many marketing dollars. You can easily get started with low minimums of just 12 bottles. Build your online store or sell through eCommerce marketplaces, we’re there to help you. Our supplements have a longer shelf life and are registered by NSF and FDA compliant. Our efficient customer service can get you started with a minimum of hassles.

Health Benefits of Our Supplements

Each of our vitamins and supplements is uniquely formulated to fill all nutritional gaps. They can be quickly added to the diet and work well for both kids and seniors. We even offer supplements for pets to cater to various needs. Our vitamins boost body metabolism and help users achieve a leaner body mass without much muscle loss. These supplements also help build immunity. They are hugely effective in facilitating various body mechanisms as they can easily perform functions not possible with other nutrients on the market. Our super efficient safety control procedures and measures ensure both safety and quality of our supplement products.

The Procedure

Well, doing business with one of the leading nutraceutical companies like us is extremely simple. You just need to choose one of our in-house supplement or vitamin formulas. We can create an exciting and unique label for your brand. All our supplements are made in the United States. We also specialize in custom formulas and has the technology, skills, and experience to meet your special needs.

Our chemists, formulators, and sales reps are ready to help you in all possible ways to bring your ideas to market, including a small batch of custom vitamin samples. We guarantee custom and contract formulations at much below the wholesale price. So whether you’re looking for leading nutraceutical companies for energy shots or high-quality glucosamine for pets, we can definitely guide you through the process. Give us a call today at for a free consultation.