What are the Benefits of Bulk Supplements?

Bulk SupplementsFor small health and fitness shop owners, profit margins can be very low if you are buying low quantities at a time. Ordering bulk supplements will save your business an awful lot of money due to the trade discounts
you will get for higher quantities.

Finding a Wholesaler

Supplements can be very pricey to bring in, and customers tend to not be too keen to buy those supplements at a price much higher than the one you have spent to supply your business. Luckily, there are ways you can increase your profit margins and make your supply costs much cheaper. There are a huge amount of companies around the globe that are dedicated to shipping out bulk supplements, and some may command a fee to join. Positives in a wholesaler may be that they have great customer service and will deal with any problems fast, or that they do free delivery direct to the store when you spend over a certain amount. Obviously, looking at the price of the products is also very important. Bulk supplements will get cheaper as the amount you buy in one go gets bigger, so think about how many you could offload whilst the product is still safe to be sold.


You also need to think about storage, as there is no point buying a huge amount of a product if the only place you can store it is in the aisles or on the shelves.

What to Stock Up On

Think about which supplements you sell the most of and aim to stock up the most on them. You should also work out which supplements when bought at bulk prices would give you the highest profit margin per item sold, as stocking up for the future for a high profit margin item is wise even if they’re not the quickest off the shelves.

Shop Around

Don’t just stick to one bulk supplements supplier though. Shop around for the best deal on each individual item, and calculate the cost including shipping to find out which company is best for each supplement. One benefit of buying bulk supplements is that you will always have value in your business. Should the worst happen and you go under due to unforeseen circumstances, bulk supplements will not sell off for any lower than you have bought them for, so it’s a no lose situation.

Save on Delivery

Regularly resupplying your store will undoubtedly cost a lot of money in delivery costs or fuel, but buying in bulk saves a lot of that money. It means that you would only have to pay for one large delivery rather than several smaller ones, and some wholesale companies even offer complimentary shipping or delivery if you spend enough money. These deliveries will also lower the company’s carbon footprint, so if you are passionate about the planet you can use this as a positive.

These are the advantages of bulk supplements buying, but make sure that your other items are nicely stocked too so that there is a good variety in store to draw customers in.